Adar and Tyrel met while working for the Brooklyn Nets. Tyrel laid eyes on Adar and knew that she had to be his. Fast forward a few years, they had one of the most unique weddings that I have ever had the chance to film! Adar put on her creative hat (shout out to Tweak It Shop!) and dreamed up every detail of her day. They had a Brooklyn/Biggie themed wedding that I will never forget!


Taylor + Alexis flew in from the UK to be married in NYC while surrounded by an intimate group of friends and family. For their reception, they invited a larger group of 125 people to join in and celebrate their new union! The new Mr. & Mrs. Cable had a beautiful wedding day full of love, laughter, and all the feels!


Rich in love. The love that Deeka & Janeil share is beautiful to witness. It seems as though every fiber of their being is devoted to one another. My goal was to portray that devotion in this film. While having breakfast with Janeil on his wedding day, I learned that he is a poet. I immediately knew that I had to incorporate his art in his and Deeka’s film! Unity // written and delivered by Mr. J. Cole himself.


Jaimie & Darryl remind me of how blessed I am to get to do what I do. A genuine connection was established from the very first interaction I had with them. By the time their wedding day came, it felt like I was helping to tell the story of two of my friends. Jaimie & Darryl’s relationship just feels right. The love that they share can be described as secure, warm, and real. Getting to film their day was an absolute honor.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Sarah & Eric’s wedding was the one request that Sarah made to me. “Jordan, I don’t want a dramatic video!” While I’m not positive that I would describe my style as dramatic, I was ready to step up to the challenge. Sarah & Eric’s day was full of laughs, fun energy, and amazing speeches! In the words of the bride, “JORDAN JORDAN JORDAN!!! You’ve wildly exceeded our expectations!”


Jiahui and Longfei had been together for nine years before getting married in NYC. What I loved most about their wedding is how they mixed their traditional Chinese culture with a modern feel. Aside from their choreographed first dance from “La La Land” (they killed it!), my favorite part of this film is their custom vows! Although the vows were spoken in their native language of Mandarin, there are subtitles throughout their film to help English speaking viewers truly feel the love they share!


Sean first laid eyes on Blanche while watching her on Hotel Impossible. She immediately peaked his interest, so he tried his luck at reaching out to her via Twitter! After a few exchanges, they realized that they had mutual friends and they naturally started to build a working relationship. Over time, that relationship grew into much more, and we had the honor of documenting their wedding day! Dreamy, classy, and full of love is what comes to mind when thinking about their Italian villa-style wedding!


James & Bona got married on acres of lush land with sweeping views of the Catskills Mountains. It was just as dreamy as it sounds! The two of them share a love that feels so genuine and natural. As cheesy as it may sound, it is evident that they were meant for each other. Here is a glimpse of one of their most special moments as a couple!