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If you’ve been wondering, my last name is pronounced “John-Tee.” I feel for every person that hesitates while trying to pronounce it! “Jeen-tee,” “Jenn-tee,” “Jah-netty,” etc. doesn’t roll off the tongue as smooth as the real pronunciation, yanno? But, yeah! My name is Jordan and I’m 24 years old. I currently live in North Jersey - about 20 minutes outside of Midtown Manhattan! 


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been motivated to live a life by design instead of just settling for what life gives me. My brand at Jeanty Studios is a direct reflection of that. I get to create cherished family heirlooms for amazing couples while being able to create the life I’ve envisioned for myself and my future family! It has been an absolute blessing.

I’ve been a full-time wedding filmmaker since the beginning of 2016. I started out as an intern for a studio that was shooting 200 weddings per year. Soon after, I became a full-time employee there. In a matter of 6 months, I was trusted as Lead Shooter and Lead Editor for the studio! As the year went on, I felt God calling me to build my own brand. With no camera, no clients and no work to show for myself, I took a leap of faith. I’m always full of gratitude whenever I sit back and look at where my business is at today; it confirms my belief that God never puts dreams in our hearts without supplying us with everything we need to bring them into fruition.  

Jordan Jeanty

creative director, filmmaker


I love God, love life, and I love making people feel significant through the films that I create. Your trust and faith in me to document your wedding is a huge honor that I do not take for granted. As you and “bae” grow old together and weather the storms that life may bring, my goal is for you to watch your film and relive one of the most special days of your lives together.  

A couple quick facts/quirks about me!

  • I absolutely love to travel!

    • Documenting my travels was my first passion in my filmmaking journey. The fact that I get to mix my love for travel with getting to tell meaningful stories is a blessing and privilege.

  • I’m an extroverted introvert!

    • I’m a people person & I’m all for being social, but I need to decompress after a while. Shoutout to Madden & Netflix!

  • I’m currently in a long distance relationship with my awesome girlfriend that lives in Seattle!

    • If you have ever done long-distance… you feel me and I feel you!

  • I’m a dog lover!

    •  9 times out of 10, if I see somebody walking their dog, I’ll ask if I can pet it!

    • I had a beagle named Champ growing up and he was the best!

  • I never leave my house without my Blistex.

    • If I do leave without it, I’ll either go back to get it, or buy a new one.

  •  I’m a huge NY Giants fan!

    •  If I’m not shooting a wedding on a game day, you can find me watching it somehow, someway!