Jordan’s skill and artistic eye left us with incredible memories of one of the most important days of our lives. If you’re on the fence about wedding video, DO IT, and do it with Jordan. You won’t regret it.
— Alexis, Bride

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DUDE WE LOVE THIS! You absolutely killed it!!! I can’t stop watching!
— Jay + Mack


“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”

Cesare Pavese

There are a number of moments in our lives that serve as milestones. We spend so much time and energy in anticipation leading up to those moments, and once they happen, we spend even more time reminiscing. This is what most people experience with their wedding. You will be feeling so many emotions on your big day, and before you know it, it will be all over. That’s where I come in. Having my team and I at your wedding will allow you to truly live in the moment with peace of mind knowing that this amazing milestone in your life won’t just be a distant memory. Shortly after your wedding you will receive a beautiful film that highlights all the great moments - even the ones you didn’t notice!

As crazy as it sounds, I will most likely take more pride in your wedding film than you will. I treat my work as if it is an extension of me. With that being said, I want to get to know you. I want to know about you, your fiancé, how you two met, who made the first move… just about anything that makes your relationship unique!

Your wedding is special. You should never feel like your filmmaker or photographer is just another vendor. One of the best feelings while shooting is knowing that my couple vibes with me. You feeling comfortable with me will translate to you being comfortable in front of my camera. In turn, I will be able to create a genuine and authentic representation of one of the most special milestones in your life!


What To Expect


  2. A personable WEDDING EXPERIENCE from start to finish

  3. A BEAUTIFUL FILM FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY to cherish for years to come




Taylor + Alexis flew in from the UK to be married in NYC while surrounded by an intimate group of friends and family. For their reception, they invited a larger group of 125 people to join in and celebrate their new union! The new Mr. & Mrs. Cable had a beautiful wedding day full of love, laughter, and all the feels!


Shaun first laid eyes on Blanche while watching her on Hotel Impossible. She immediately peaked his interest, so he tried his luck at reaching out to her via Twitter! After a few exchanges, they realized that they had mutual friends and they naturally started to build a working relationship. Over time, that relationship grew into much more, and we had the honor of documenting their wedding day! Dreamy, classy, and full of love is what comes to mind when thinking about their Italian villa-style wedding!


James & Bona got married on acres of lush land with sweeping views of the Catskills Mountains. It was just as dreamy as it sounds! The two of them share a love that feels so genuine and natural. As cheesy as it may sound, it is evident that they were meant for each other. Here is a glimpse of one of their most special moments as a couple!




Michelle & Henok both hail from Africa; Rwanda & Eritrea respectively. The two met shortly after Michelle arrived in the US for graduate school. They worked at several coffee shops together, and it was over coffee that their relationship was developed! Their wedding was a beautiful mix of American, Rwandan, and Eritrean culture. We loved getting to capture this special day for Michelle & Henok!




Authentic. Genuine. Real. Those are the words that come to mind when thinking about Luz & Dave's relationship. We really enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level before their actual wedding day. What we loved the most about this wedding were Dave's vows to Luz. Him openly expressing his love and commitment to his bride helped us create an authentic film that we pray will be cherished by the couple for the rest of their married life!



Jordan Jeanty

creative director, filmmaker


It is hard for me to explain my background without mentioning my love for travel! I live for experiences. And I really enjoy sharing those experiences with my loved ones. If you love travel as well, we are already off on the right foot! My journey as a filmmaker started five years ago. I would use my iPhone to record my travels and would immediately put together a recap video to share with friends and family. Over time, I realized that other people enjoyed watching my videos just as much as I did. I was introduced to the wedding industry a few years later as a video production intern. I, then, progressed to a lead shooter and video editor within a matter of six months. From there, I gained invaluable, hands on experience which gave me the confidence to establish my own brand back in 2016.

I'm most inspired when I get to develop a connection with couples before their wedding. And since a connection requires a level of vulnerability, let me share some random things about me with you. First of all, I am not a fan of milk, cheese, or chocolate. Don't judge me. I will rip through a couple pepperoni slices of pizza every once in a while, but I don't mess with the cheese. We'll talk about that later. I feel the judgment. Secondly, I am a dog lover! I had a beagle for 10 years named Champ, and he was the best. My next dog will definitely be a Boxer named Griffey. Lastly, I am a huge NY Giants fan! If any of those resonate with you, definitely expect us to talk about them! 


David Luderer, Filmmaker

Nikko Mirabueno, Filmmaker

Luis Vasquez, Filmmaker


I had agonized over video companies and the importance of having a video for months. When I was looking, Jordan maybe had 6 wedding videos to show. I was nervous about choosing someone that appeared to have little experience in the industry. However, his 6 videos were better than 50 from any other company. Jordan’s talent and heart show in each video he makes. He genuinely wants to know his clients’ story and use that inspiration for their wedding video. Jordan was by far the best decision we made for our wedding. I hear people say oh you will never look at your wedding video. I tell them, you didn’t hire Jordan, as I watch mine for the 67th time.
— Meaghan, Bride
Jordan’s skill and artistic eye left us with incredible memories of one of the most important days of our lives. If you’re on the fence about wedding video, DO IT, and do it with Jordan. You won’t regret it.
— Alexis, Bride
What I loved most about Jordan was that he truly listened to my vision for the wedding - he was able to translate what I cared most about the wedding instead of using a scripted view of what brides want. On many occasions, I was very rattled by some of the mishaps that were going on, but Jordan was a calming voice throughout the day. The best part of all of this too was that the final video was 100% quality! Jordan is not just a wedding videographer - he has a great aesthetic and ensures that his art continues to be that - art. I wholeheartedly recommend him!
— Michelle, Bride
Jordan was absolutely amazing to work with! We felt like we’ve known him for years! We honestly felt like he wasn’t just our videographer but also a friend we had made. We had the time of our lives at our wedding and after it was over we were so sad that it had come and gone so quickly. But weeks later, Jordan sent us our highlight video and we cried! It was the perfect video! It came out more amazing then we could’ve ever imagined! We were able to relive our perfect day over and over again. We literally watched it more than 50 times the first day we got it! We feel so grateful that we were able to find Jordan and we recommend him to absolutely everyone looking to capture their perfect day in a perfect way! THANK YOU, JORDAN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
— MaryAnn, Bride
Having Jordan as our wedding videographer was a wonderful experience. His ability to establish a strong rapport with his clients, and his professionalism, are why we were so at ease. We are certain that this will result in an amazing video, and we can’t wait to see it. We are forever grateful to Jordan for helping to make our wedding day a memorable one, and we look forward to having a video that we can look at and share for years to come.
— Pejy, Groom
From the first phone call, we were instantly sparked by his genuine desire to get to know not only our love story but the moments before Nina and I even met. His creativity and professional approach to every aspect of the process really made the day seamless for us.
— Daniel, Groom