Jordan’s skill and artistic eye left us with incredible memories of one of the most important days of our lives. If you’re on the fence about wedding video, DO IT, and do it with Jordan. You won’t regret it.
— Alexis, Bride

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”

Cesare Pavese

There are a number of moments in our lives that serve as milestones. We spend so much time and energy in anticipation leading up to those moments, and once they happen, we spend even more time reminiscing. This is what most people experience with their wedding. You will be feeling so many emotions on your big day, and before you know it, it will be all over. That’s where I come in. Having my team and I at your wedding will allow you to truly live in the moment with peace of mind knowing that this amazing milestone in your life won’t just be a distant memory. Shortly after your wedding you will receive a beautiful film that highlights all the great moments - even the ones you didn’t notice!

As crazy as it sounds, I will most likely take more pride in your wedding film than you will. I treat my work as if it is an extension of me. With that being said, I want to get to know you. I want to know about you, your fiancé, how you two met, who made the first move… just about anything that makes your relationship unique!

Your wedding is special. You should never feel like your filmmaker or photographer is just another vendor. One of the best feelings while shooting is knowing that my couple vibes with me. You feeling comfortable with me will translate to you being comfortable in front of my camera. In turn, I will be able to create a genuine and authentic representation of one of the most special milestones in your life!

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