Jordan was absolutely amazing to work with! We felt like we’ve known him for years! We honestly felt like he wasn’t just our videographer, but also a friend we had made.
— Maryann, Bride



Love is a beautiful thing, and we care about how you found it. We want to know about you, your fiancé, how you two met, who made the first move, what excites you... just about anything that makes your relationship unique! We believe that our genuine interest in getting to know you will translate to you feeling comfortable with us. You feeling comfortable with us will, in turn, allow you to feel comfortable in front of our cameras. We will then be able to create a genuine and authentic representation of one of the most special milestones of your life! One of the best feelings during the wedding experience is knowing that our couple vibes with us. Our goal is for you to feel like we are more than your filmmakers - we want you to feel like we are on your guest list! Our hearts are drawn to couples who are devoted to eachother. Couples who understand that joining lives is not easy, but are willing to take the good with the not so good. We aim to use your story to encourage friends and family members to believe in love. But, more than anything, we want our couples to view their film as an anchor to help weather any and every storm that life sends their way.

We are Jordan Jeanty Studios, and we want to know your story.




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